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The Wish Collection
My Masters degree gave me the opportunity to explore information collected over several visits to Anatolia, in particular the Phrygian and Hittite rock sanctuaries and rag dressed trees. I was also granted access to the British Museum's store rooms for research. I combined this with new knowledge gained through working within the fine jewellery market. The Wish Collection explored these sources and gave me the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of my methods of working. Computer design played a practical part in the design process, sketchbook drawings became card models which were photographed and developed further in Photoshop, creating evocative compositions. The making process was continual, working on precious pieces as other designs were being developed. I found this method of working very useful, one process informing another. The finished pieces had been represented in Photoshop as fine jewellery items, diamond set. To reduce my manufacturing costs I reinterpreted the collection using a range of alternative finishes to create the desired effect. Each piece was entirely hand fabricated as an articulated item of jewellery. My efforts paid off, I found the work produced interesting and became more conscious of my own methodology. I also gained a distinction level M.A.

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Wish Collection, silver "Prosperity Shrine" vinaigrette.
the pendant has an opening in the back for essential oils.